5 Best VR Headsets

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From GameBoy to computer video games, technology has always evolved over time and here we are, witnessing the birth of virtual reality headsets.

VR headsets are popular in video games. It can also be used in other applications. It is a bit expensive, but I think it’s worth a look.

Check out our top picks below and choose what’s best for you.

Also, check out these gaming PCs that will be a good fit for your VR needs.

1. Best VR Headset: Oculus – Quest 2

Top Features:

  • Premium display
  • Ultimate control
  • 3D cinematic sound

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: N/A
  • RAM: 128GB
  • 3D audio: Yes
  • Weight: 1.83 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.4 x 5 inches

The Oculus – Quest 2 is designed to adapt to your movements and explore unprecedented free and breathtaking games and experiences. Get the most out of every moment with incredibly fast performance and next-generation graphics. The redesigned touch controller improves ergonomics and intuitive control, converting gestures, movements, and actions directly into VR.

Most of the reviewers say that they really love this VR headset. The display is nice, it’s comfortable, and overall is great for people new to VR.

A few reviewers complained that it is not durable enough to withstand heavy drops. Some say that it requires you to use a Facebook account.

The VR’s dimensions are 10.2 x 7.4 x 5 inches. It weighs ‎1.83 pounds.

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2. Best VR Headset For Video Games: Sony – PlayStation VR

Top Features:

  • Advanced VR display
  • Plug and play
  • 3D audio technology

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • RAM: N/A
  • 3D audio: Yes
  • Weight: 6.85 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.36 x 7.28 x 10.91 inches

The Sony – PlayStation VR is designed to be balanced, comfortable, and fully adjustable. It feels like it’s not there and frees you from being distracted when exploring a new gaming world. Simply connect your PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera to your PlayStation 4 system.

Most of the reviewers say that it is very easy to put on, works well with glasses, and is comfortable on the head even for long gaming sessions. Guaranteed to impress friends, family, and significant others.

A few reviewers complained that it loses track of you if your camera isn’t positioned well. Some say the wires suck and really limit how far you can move around.

The VR’s dimensions are 7.36 x 7.28 x 10.91 inches. It weighs ‎6.85 pounds.

View Sony – PlayStation VR on Amazon.

3. Best VR Headset For Mobile: Oculus – Go

Top Features:

  • Effortless control
  • Spatial audio
  • 3D graphics

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: N/A
  • RAM: 32GB
  • 3D audio: Yes
  • Weight: 2.71 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 8.3 x 4.8 inches

The Oculus – Go is a whole new way to see in VR. With clear optics and state-of-the-art 3D graphics, the headset feels like a personal theater. Just attach it and turn on the switch, and you can enjoy the smallest large screen. It is portable, comfortable, and designed to be ready to use.

Most of the reviewers say that this is a completely stand-alone system. The setup is very straightforward and the picture quality is impressive.

A few reviewers complained that it lacks battery life. Some say the customer service was frustrating. 

The VR’s dimensions are 8.3 x 8.3 x 4.8 inches. It weighs ‎2.71 pounds.

View Oculus – Go on Amazon.

4. Best VR Headset For Whole-Room: HTC – VIVE Cosmos

Top Features:

  • Flip-up display
  • Ventilated faceplate
  • Ergonomically designed

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 2K
  • RAM: N/A
  • 3D audio: Yes
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 8.27 x 3.46 inches

The HTC – VIVE Cosmos is designed to maximize simplicity, experience, and opportunity. Enjoy accurate inside-out tracking right out of the box, without the need for a base station. With its portable design and compatibility with a variety of VR-enabled PCs and laptops, you can play wherever you like.

Most of the reviewers say that the image is clearer and the response seems faster. There is less screen door effect on the LCD screens.

A few reviewers complained about the poor packaging of the product. Some say the controllers were too heavy or it is awkward to use.

The VR’s dimensions are 6.3 x 8.27 x 3.46 inches. It weighs 7.8 pounds.

View HTC – VIVE Cosmos on Amazon.

5. Best High-Resolution VR Headset: HTC – VIVE Pro 2

Top Features:

  • Wide view
  • Higher refresh rate
  • 3D spatial sound

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 5K
  • RAM: N/A
  • 3D audio: Yes
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22.32 x 15.04 x 9.13 inches

The HTC – VIVE Pro 2 is designed to enhance your virtual experience with high visual fidelity, balanced ergonomics, sub-millimeter tracking accuracy, and state-of-the-art accessories. The new LCD screen has a 5K resolution, a 120-degree field of view, and a 120Hz refresh rate. Headsets are suitable for different head sizes and types of vision, as well as eyeglasses

Most of the reviewers say that the resolution is pretty awesome, whether the content you have is that detailed or not. The frame rate is impressive.

A few reviewers complained that it took too long to install and set up. Some say the audio quality is not that good.

The VR’s dimensions are 22.32 x 15.04 x 9.13 inches. It weighs 13 pounds.

View HTC – VIVE Pro 2 on Amazon.

Best VR Headset Comparison Table

Product nameResolutionRAM3D audioWeightDimensions
Oculus – Quest 2N/A128GBYes1.83 pounds10.2 x 7.4 x 5 inches
Sony – PlayStation VR1080pN/AYes6.85 pounds7.36 x 7.28 x 10.91 inches
Oculus – GoN/A32GBYes2.71 pounds8.3 x 8.3 x 4.8 inches
HTC – VIVE Cosmos2K N/AYes7.8 pounds6.3 x 8.27 x 3.46 inches
HTC – VIVE Pro 25KN/AYes13 pounds22.32 x 15.04 x 9.13 inches

Best VR Headset FAQs

What do VR headsets connect to?

The headset has a gyro sensor, accelerator, and magnetometer to determine how it works and track its interaction with virtual space. The headset also connects to external cameras and computer systems to access software for VR experiences and connect to additional programs.

Do VR headsets damage your eyes?

Studies have shown that wearing a VR headset can cause eye strain, eye discomfort, eye strain, and blurred vision. The American Academy of Ophthalmology states that staring at a VR screen for long periods of time can cause eye strain and fatigue.

Does VR require Internet?

VR headsets don’t necessarily require an internet connection. However, you need to be online to set up your VR headset, update your system or games, unlock content, or buy things. You also need an internet connection to play multiplayer games.

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