7 Best Quiet Keyboards for 2020

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Do you want to be that chump click-clacking away like a madman?

Or do you want to be a smooth operator, typing on those pristine, sleek keys?

Be the silent killer of keyboard users, not the oaf-y dud.

The average office worker (or work-from-home-in-your-boxers worker) spends multiple hours a day using their keyboard for web browsing, working, and writing. In a large office with an open workspace design, keyboard noise can become quite a distracting issue.

Even in closed cubicle offices, keyboard noises lead many workers to don headphones and turn the volume up during the day so they can tune out the clickety-clack of their colleagues’ keyboards.

What to do about it? Designers introduced quieter keyboards that provide the same tactile experience of a traditional mechanical keyboard without the noisy keystrokes. If you are in need of a quieter keyboard for your office, or you want to pitch your boss on purchasing quieter keyboards for your workplace, here are the top 7 quietest keyboards on the market.

1. Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard

In terms of the beauty of form meeting with practical function, the Apple Magic Keyboard is the physical embodiment of quiet keyboarding excellence. The keystrokes feel feathery as your fingers depress them, and they produce the quietest of clicks imaginable even if you are a more forceful typist.

Better still, this model uses Bluetooth connectivity, making it usable on just about any iOS 10 or later device, including iPad devices. Setup with any Apple iOS device is instantaneous, and the battery is rechargeable for convenience.

While it does come with a hefty price tag compared to most Bluetooth keyboards, the ultra-quiet operation, long battery life, and aesthetically pleasing design make the Apple Magic Keyboard and an excellent choice for reducing keyboard noise in your workspace.

Best for: Apple lovers

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2. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900

image of best wireless desktop 900

Long recognized for their ergonomic and quiet keyboard designs, the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 is a combination keyboard and mouse set intended to keep typing silent.

The keys have an extremely short mechanical throw, allowing them to produce near-silent keystrokes that still provide excellent tactile feedback.

The key size is similar to standard mechanical keyboards, but the lower profile provides a more comfortable feel. Function combination keys allow you to quickly and easily adjust important settings on your computer without the need to use the mouse.

Best of all, connections with your computer are wireless and 128-bit encrypted to prevent wireless key logging. All in all, this is a solid and near-silent mouse and keyboard combo.

Best for: Office workers

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3. Uhuru 2.4GHz Keyboard and Mouse Combo

image of best uhuru 2 4 ghz

A barebones, comfortable keyboard that generates very little keyboard sounds, this wireless keyboard is as whisper quiet as its packaging claims it to be.

The keyboard itself runs off a single AA battery, but the mouse requires 2 AAA cells to operate.

Some users have complained of keyboard lag when using this model, but that was not evident in multiple YouTube unboxings and testings.

It is definitely a budget model and isn’t much to look at, but the typing action is very close to a standard keyboarding feel without the usual clatter. If you are looking for a budget wireless keyboard that keeps things quiet, this may be a good fit for you, at least in the short term.

Best for: Low-Budget option

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4. Jelly Comb Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

image of best jelly comb ultra slim

Thanks to its low profile keys and shorter throw, the Jelly Comb Ultra Thin keyboard is a near-silent wireless keyboard solution.

Ergonomically speaking it’s fairly vanilla, but the overall typing experience is somewhat softer than comparable mechanical models.

Mechanical keyboard fans may find this off-putting, but the overall whisper-quiet operation more than compensates for the perceived loss in tactile experience. Altogether, this is a good budget board that’s easy to set up and reduces overall key noise.

Best for: Mid-budget

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5. Logitech Quiet Keyboard K740

image of best logitech k740 refresh gallery image

Your first mouse or keyboard was probably a Logitech. So you trust them.

As one of the original semi-premium builders of computer peripherals, Logitech has a longstanding reputation for excellence in quality and longevity.

The K740 upholds this reputation well, and its low profile keys make it quiet, comfortable, and easy to use even if you are accustomed to noisier, larger keyed mechanical keyboards. It may not be wireless, but its overall function is excellent in every way, and it definitely cuts down on typing noise significantly.

Cool feature – illumination on the keyboard. So when you’re gaming hard in your basement, you know what you’re pecking at.

Best for: Trolls and night lurkers

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6. HP Wireless Elite Keyboard V2

image of best hp wireless elite 33

Somewhat plain but highly functional, the HP Elite V2 is a low profile, flat feel keyboard with full-size keys to reduce the learning curve if you are making the switch from an older, noisier keyboard.

The lack of response lag makes it a joy to type on, and the shorter throw of the low profile keys reduces noise to a whisper-quiet click. Add to that the ability to be up to 30 feet away from your computer if necessary, and this is one of the best near-silent keyboard offerings commercially available.

Best for: Advanced Button Clickers

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7. Corsair K70 LUX RGB Mechanical Gaming USB Keyboard

image of best corsair k70

This thing looks like a beast but purrs like a kitty, depending on who you ask.

Some claim this keyboard is quiet, others complain about the noise, so it’s worth testing yourself.

Originally best known for its performance system RAM, Corsair has branched out into high-performance gaming hardware in recent years. A hallmark of mechanical keyboards is the additional noise they generate, but Corsair’s K70 is a marked exception to this rule.

The bright LED backlit keys are large and comfortable, with a long mechanical throw for a traditional tactile typing experience. The key difference is that with these keys, the clacking normally associated with lag-free keyboards is absent.

Keys slide silently along their paths without generating loud impact noises, preventing that bane of the online gamer’s existence: the thunder of a too-loud mechanical keyboard. Despite the ultra-quiet mechanics of this keyboard, it is still lag-free with gold contacts for the precision essential to online competitive play.

Overall, this is a somewhat pricier option that may not necessarily be the first choice for office workers, but for the gamer looking to reduce noise during late-night gaming marathons, it is an ideal choice.

Best for: Gamers

View Corsair K70 on Amazon


In the end, you may have to try a few keyboards out til you find one that is comfortable enough and quiet enough to meet your needs. Don’t be afraid to exchange a model if it’s not working out.

The keyboard is the most used tool in most office workspaces or in your at-home basement cave, and it is crucial to get the right keyboard for you to maintain maximum productivity.

Get yourself a comfortable quiet keyboard, and improve everyone’s work environment and peace of mind on the job.

Or you might just get fired.

Updated June 28, 2020: Fixed grammatical errors and some other minor issues, also reviewed product status to verify they are still listed on Amazon.