7 Best Computer Chairs For Long Hours in 2020

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The average person spends 1/3 of their life at work.


Many of us dedicate huge portions of our days on working or being busy. This usually means the average office worker spends about 80,000 hours of their life sitting.

However, that is not a negative fact.

What makes it a problem is sitting for long periods of time without doing anything else.

Most of us do this because we are busy doing work, learning or entertaining ourselves.

We sit long periods of time anyway. Why not improving the quality with an upgraded chair?

So What’s The Best Computer Chair for Long Hours?

The following models are confirmed to be the most comfortable for office workers, students, games, business executives and all-purpose computer users.

Have you ever wonder why on earth you feel tired after sitting for long hours? Maybe it is because you are sitting for long hours.

Irony aside, those effects are produced by tiny position mistakes. Everything you hear about sitting upright using proper positions makes sense for extensive computer workers. Sometimes we create this bad habits because our chair is not the right one.

When doing this long enough, results are not that good. By having a defective chair, you have to make an extra effort to endure in an non-natural position for hours and hours. Those hours magnify your discomfort and effort, making you feel exhausted.

Before jumping into the top chairs on the market, I’ll let you know that there is no such thing as the ‘ best computer chair for long hours in the world’.

Sure, these chairs are amazing. But the best one is the chair that makes you feel great. Take your time to choose your favorite style. Compare their features and find your perfect chair.

Top 7 Recommended Chairs for Long Hours

1. Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Ergonomic Module – Seat height is adjustable between 15.5 and 20 inches high
  • – Impressive minimalistic design, which makes bring more style to any environment
  • Really Comfortable – It provides the best experience while removing any unnecessary materials
  • Observation: In addition to be a one-of-a kind chair, buying it from the official amazon seller gives you and amazing 12 Year guarantee!


  • This is one is a reasonably expensive chair designed by experts. Hiring an expert to assemble is recommended. But this is not an inconvenient. It’s probably one of the best computer chair for long hours in the market.

2. Breathable High Back Chair

Breathable High-Back Executive Chair


  • Breathable – Its particular ‘breathable’ chair design relieves pressure in all parts of the body involved.
  • Ergonomic – Back support, easy pneumatic seat height adjustment, tilt/tension Knob, rolling casters and 360 degree swivel.
  • High Quality Materials – This is one of the few examples where quality exceeds the price. It does not mean that it is comfortable for everyone, but based on its pricing it is impossible to go wrong with this option.
  • Observation: It is the easier chair to adjust, and has an impressive modern outlook


  • This model fairly lighter and its durability decreases the more you approach to its weight capacity, which is 250 lbs.

3. Racing Style Gaming Chair

ZENEZ Gaming Chair Video Game Chairs Racing Style


  • Amazing look – Gamers love it because its design is uplifting and inspiring.
  • Multi-Function:360 Degree Swivel and Multi-direction Wheels,Load Capacity:300-pound maximum weight capacity.Recline function;Between 90 – 180 degrees
  • Superior Quality – Anyone could be surprised by its durability. It endures extreme weight capacity and includes multiple adjustment tools to increase comfort.
  • Observation: This chair has been widely recognized as the perfect gaming chair. You could sit here without needing to take breaks for hours (don’t do it) and it is easier to concentrate with your computer.


  • Depending on your constitution, the seat may be uncomfortable for the minority of people. For the rest of us, it gives no noticeable issues.

4. Furmax Office Chair

Furmax Office Chair


  • Great lumbar support – When asking reviewers about these feature practically no one had this problem. Those who had it prior to buying this chair could correct the problem with this chair.
  • Mobility – It is a light model which is very easy to assemble.
  • Always Comfortable – It does not matter what type of body you have. This chair will adapt and make you feel relaxed.
  • Observation: It is one of the best looking chairs without losing the classical essence. Its price matches its quality.


  • The armrests require regular re-tightening with an allen key due to constantly becoming loose

5. Alera Elusion

Alera Elusion


  • Multifunction adjustment system: Allows Free floating or infinite locking positions
  • Perfect for tall people – Alera Elusion chair has a back of 24 inches high
  • Extra Cushion- Alera’s seat cushion helps to relieve pressure on legs
  • Observation: Based on its benefits, Alera’s computer chair happens to be the best option for executives. It’s light design allows easier mobility.


  • Two little details. Firstly, it may be noisy when using levers and mechanisms. Secondly, even though it is perfect for tall people, in opposite cases it may cause back issues.

6. Modway Articulate Vinyl Office Chair

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair


  • Ergonomic Module – Comes with a breathable mesh back, passive lumbar support, and densely padded and contoured 6” thick faux leather seat cushion.
  • Versatile – Sturdy and supportive, this executive office chair holds up to 331 lbs and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Extra Comfortable – We are talking about a well-built chair perfect to endure long hours on the computer
  • Observation: This model is a good solution for tall people.


  • It depends on its usage. But a minority of reviewers claimed to have durability problems with adjustment and hydraulics after years.

7. Ergonomic Leather Chair by GM Seating

GM Seating Ergolux Chair
Very few people have heard of this model. It allows you to regulate almost everything.
It includes the tilt adjustment, seat adjustment, and the adjustment of the height and the angle of the headrest.
It is designed to adapt to the several different postures. The armrest is designed at best height and includes width adjustability.


  • You will love the quality of this chair. It ensures a very grand look while using top quality materials like leather.
  • Its multiple adjustment mechanisms guarantee comfort in any posture
  • Unique lumbar and neck support systems
  • Observation: If you use to suffer from neck pain, this chair is the most indicated to solve that issue.


  • Even though it is absolutely worth the price, it is not for every body. Some people don’t feel comfortable spending that much on such exclusive models.