5 Best Quiet Robot Vacuums for 2021

white cat with robot vacuum

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Of all of the promises from The Jetsons and other mid-century predictions of the future, robot vacuums might have just fulfilled the promise the most.

I mean, they’ve been around for almost 20 years, but even in 2021 they still amaze.

Roomba was the first commercially successful product on market in 2002, yet competition has risen to the challenge – there are dozens of conteder brands now.

But buyer beware. I bought this brand called Ecovac a few years ago and it stopped working after a year. It was too much of a hassle to call the support line and deal with a replacement. So right now? It’s just sitting in the corner of my living room, living a sad existence.

Lesson learned! Do your research up front and invest a bit more if the warranty and quality will keep the thing around a bit longer.

I digress.

One of the top features to research when buying one of these things is how quiet or loud they are. This thing is going to be starting and stopping throughout the day without you. Do you want a loud beast of a machine waking you up from your power nap? No way!

Likewise, you don’t want this freaky creature of a robot scaring your kids or dogs to death (cats aren’t afraid of anything).

Here’s a breakdown of top quiet robot vacuums with decibel levels, costs, and top features.

ProductQuiet LevelTop Feature(s)Price
eufy RoboVac 11sVery quiet – just 55 db.
1300Pa suction power.
eufy RoboVac RoboVac 30C MAXVery quiet – just 55 db.2000Pa suction power.
iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)Very quiet – like it’s not even on.Automatic waste disposal. Builds smart map of home.$799.00
Roborock E4 RobotQuiet200 min runtime. Mop add-on option.$269.99
Roomba 675LoudRuns up to 90 minutes.
Auto-adjust cleaning head.

1. eufy RoboVac 11s – Best for Most People

While eufy doesn’t sounds like an inspiring brand name, it’s got raving reviews on Amazon, and created by Anker – one of the most trusted brands in battery technology.

eufy RoboVac 11s
Best overall quiet vacuum for most people from a trusted, under the radar brand.

The eufy RoboVac 11s tops our list as truly the quietest robot vacuum we could find. Reviewers proclaimed that it was just as quiet as they hoped. Some said it sounded like

At 75% quieter than traditional vacuums, this little critter purrs quietly and gets the job done. Quite the wonder considering it’s all at once automated, small, quiet and affordable!

The pricing, currently at $219.99, is quite approachable for most people. It’s not going to be the absolute cheapest robotic vacuum you can find, but I advise you to purchase based on value, not the cheapest price. My experience with the Ecovac taught me that complex electronics require trusted manufacturers to produce.

While the 1300Pa suction power isn’t the strongest, it gets the job done on everything but plush carpet.

One downside is the parts aren’t as replaceable as iPower Roomba brands.

Top Features:

  • Just 55 decibels – as quiet as a microwave
  • Quiet enough to clean hardwood floors with neighbors below
  • Slim at just 2.85″
  • Runs up to 100 minutes
  • Most affordable of the trusted brands
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Voice control
  • Stellar customer service

2. eufy RoboVac RoboVac 30C MAX – Quiet and Powerful

We’re jumping up a few clicks with another vacuum from eufy/RoboVac/Anker – the eufy RoboVac RoboVac 30C MAX.

eufy RoboVac RoboVac 30C MAX
Whisper-quiet, very trusted brand, powerful suction & voice control.

We like this one because it jumps up in suction power to 2000Pa. When comparing the eufy RoboVac 11s vs RoboVac 30C MAX you’re mostly comparing suction power as the main differentiator. The software and cleaning technology is mostly the same – they both use 2nd gen BoostIQ technology to guide the machine.

Beyond that there’s not much more that’s different about this model besides the suction power. It’s a bit confusing with all the model numbers under the eufy brand, but that’s what we’re here for!

Although the price is typically higher than the 11S, as of this writing there’s a $40 off coupon directly on Amazon, subject to change at any time.

Top Features:

  • Also 55 decibels – as quiet as a microwave
  • Quiet enough to clean hardwood floors with neighbors below
  • Slim at just 2.85″
  • Runs up to 100 minutes, cleaning time depends on mode
  • Mid-range pricing
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Voice control
  • Stellar customer service

3. iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) – Very Quiet and Automatic Disposal

What’s one downside of almost every other robotic vacuum? Tiny dirt chambers. The Roomba i7+ (7550) solves that problem with an ingenious disposal chamber unit that the vacuum, of course, automatically empties into. This feature will cost you more, but it may be worth your time.

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)
Extremely quiet and you don't have to empty the dirt chamber for 60 days.

Some of you are already sold on not having to empty the dirt bucket for 2 months – but wait, there’s more! Instead of the random “bounce navigation” (how elegant) that other brands use, like eufy RoboVac, this Roomba built “smart maps” of your house to learn the layouts. In 2021 and beyond, realistically that should be a basic feature, but not all brands are onboard. So for now that’s a feature that goes above and beyond random bumpy navigation that you may be used to.

Get this – with the voice assistant you can verbally tell the vacuum to clean under the table if you just dropped something, and the vacuum knows to go directly to that zone. I’m about ready to take out a loan to buy this thing.

Top Features:

  • Very quiet – like it’s not even on
  • Huge, self-emptying dirt chamber – don’t empty for 60 days
  • Smart maps to learn your home
  • Propriety pet hair cleaning with dual multi-surface rubber brushes
  • Can sync with Braava Jet m6 Robot Mop to mop after vacuuming is done

4. Roborock E4 Robot – Quiet and 200 Min Runtime

Reviewers say this vacuum is quiet enough – which is a good start, but based on current pricing it’s hard to see any real reason to pick this over the eufy RoboVac line. This brand is unknown and the Amazon reviews look fake.

Roborock E4 Robot
Long runtime, quiet vacuum, uncertain brand, bad app.

I think I have a pretty good nose for sniffing out fake reviews, and I think a portion of this brand’s reviews are likely fake. Usually, when you see one-name reviewers and vaguely positive reviews, they’re astroturfing you. On the flipside, Wirecutter (NY Times) also recommended this as a budget pick, and I trust them.

Another downside is the app. Many reviewers said the app is buggy and hard to use. This is typically a red flag. It shows this unknown manufacturer can copy the mechanical designs but didn’t dedicate time to higher quality software. I tend to trust these brands less – so beware.

One upside? A super-long runtime at 200 minutes – much longer than the majority of other competitors. That being said, I wouldn’t want a vacuum running that long unless the house is just huge.

Another big upside – I tested their customer support phone number (listed right on Amazon product listing) and they answered within 45 seconds. The agent was based internationally but was friendly and helpful explaining the question I asked about the return policy. I’ll be honest, I called the number on a whim expecting the worst, but it turned out to be the best.

The return policy is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. If under 30 days you get a full refund. If over 30 days, they’ll send you the replacement part or you can send the vacuum to a repair facility in the U.S.

All that being said, I’d really only go for this one if there’s a ludicrous sale where it’s 30% cheaper than everyone else, for the above-mentioned reasons.

Top Features:

  • Quiet operation
  • 200 min runtime – longer than most
  • Can purchase a mop add-on
  • Good, but dubious, Amazon reviews
  • Huge upside – called customer support and answered within 45 seconds

5. iRobot Roomba 675 – Top Features but Loud

The classic iRobot brand brings us the Roomba 675. Unfortunately, one of the key things reviewers highlight is just how loud this vacuum is.

Roomba 675
Leading features, but unfortunately reviewers complain about this product being loud.

You’re here for quiet vacuums, not loud ones, so just to highlight a few features that stand out in case you change your mind.

Top Features

  • Schedule cleaning
  • Works with Amazon Alexa on Echo devices (and iPhone)
  • Auto-adaptive from hard floors to carpet
  • Learns your home and adapts using algorithms
  • Senses dirt and eliminates
  • Works well for pet hair
  • Runs up to 90 minutes
  • Auto-recharges

Quiet Robo Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

What makes vacuum cleaners quiet?

As time passes by, parts are changed to make things better. Modern digital motors are used to make vacuum cleaners quiet, but at the same time provide efficient suction.

How large of an area can a robo vacuum cleaner clean?

There isn’t really a specific number to that. It all depends on the brand of the vacuum cleaner. There are vacuum cleaners that can clean a larger area and there are some that can clean less, so make sure you choose the one that fits your home.

Are robo vacuum cleaners reliable?

Yes, they can actually keep your house clean and tidy with the help of modern technology. It’s more than just a place for your cat to sit.

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